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Meeting Facilitation

Engage a professional meeting facilitator and allow yourself to remain engaged in the “meat” of your meeting.

You have an important meeting coming up and you want to be a participant, in the content of the meeting. Bring in an unbiased meeting facilitator who can assist in preparation and delivery while you concentrate on the meeting content.

Planning a successful meeting incorporates a great deal of coordination and time. The majority of executives spend 80% of their day attending meetings, and most would argue that they could have been shorter in duration, or have no meeting at all if the proper up front planning was done.

Learn how to plan for a successful meeting. Learn how to execute a successful meeting. And learn how to facilitate a successful meeting.

If you don’t have the bandwidth to plan, participate, and run the meeting, ask Bennett Associates to help you by taking on some of that work on your behalf – especially the facilitation if you want to be an active participant in the meeting.