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Do you need help moving forward with an important initiative? Do you have an Associate whom you want to invest in their leadership development? Do you have project teams who could benefit from a professional that can move their project along much more quickly? Are you, yourself, someone who could benefit from Executive Coaching?

You are excited about having the right players, but they need help bringing out their best. let's get them jump-started with an investment in them. Let's get them a coach. You know they have what it takes, let's get them going.

Bennett Associates has many years’ worth of experience coaching leaders.

Molding a New Leader

When a new leader arrives on the scene they are immediately making observations which will influence their onboarding. Molding a new leader starts in the selection process of that leader and moves into the easily identified parts of the position, to the dynamic soft-side of the leadership experience.

One-on-One Coaching

In 1:1 coaching we are investing in a leader’s growth. Some organizations identify their poor performers and get them a coach for a while so they can be coached out of the business. At Bennett Associates, we work with the coachee’s the organization is very high on, and want to invest in their development. This can range from a new manager to a seasoned executive.

Coaching for project team effectiveness

Most leaders have a staff, and that is one leadership challenge we will cover in one-on-one coaching. Most leaders today have influence authority with cross-functional team members, with no titular authority. A unique, but common occurrence in today’s business realm. Often Bennett Associates becomes an add-on to the team on a regular frequency to assist the team leader with meeting preparation, project management techniques, and as a person to turn to before a meeting goes off track.

You have assembled your best people to a project, but they don't normally work together. Jumpstart the team with focused coaching around delivering results from a team setting. Develop a high performance team!